Mediacom webmail is an online email system set up by Mediacom to allow customer to send and receive emails through a web browser. The webmail app provided through Mediacom performs the same features you will find in any email application. Features such as filtering, calendar, tasks, accessing and storing contacts, setting up auto replies and saving documents.

You can use the Mediacom webmail from your computer, smart phone or tablet. The only thing required is that your device you are connecting with has a web browser.

mediacom webmail inboxIn order to access your webmail you can do so by going to MediacomToday and clicking on the email link or you can go to one of the following URLs:

Mediacom Email Login

When you get to the Mediacom email login screen, you will enter your username and password to sign in.

Your username and password for your Mediacom email login will be what you used when youset up your account. It may or maynot be different than your Mediacomtoday account.

Take note though, there are a few different options you can set in order to have the best view-able experience when using webmail.

mediacom webmail settings on login

Mediacom webmail has 4 different options you can choose from. There is the default, which works fine for most people.

Advanced (Ajax) uses Ajax technology to query in real time for new email messages. This way you do not have to refresh your screen. With most modern browsers, Ajax will work fine.

You will need to have javascript enabled, which most people have by default. Standard (HTML) settings when you login will display all HTML formatting. Last is mobile, this is the setting used for mobile devices.

You can change these settings each time you login to webmail. So if you find one setting does not work for you, it can always be changed.

Using Mediacom Webmail With 3rd Party Email Clients

Webmail is compatible with 3rd party email clients such as Thunderbird, Microsoft, Mac, theBat and many more software email programs. You will need to configure your email client using POP3 or IMAP correctly in order for the app to send and receive email properly.

POP3 and IMAP Settings For Mediacom Webmail

IMAP Server Settings
Incoming: None 143
Outgoing: SSL 587

POP3 Server Settings
Type:  Server:  Authentication Type:   Port:
Incoming SSL 995