Frontier Communications Services

Frontier communications is a company that provides a number of services ranging from telecommunications to television. It offers its services in bundles form that are paid on a monthly basis depending on the affordability of its customers. Their customer service is 24/7 to give any assistance no matter the time of day or the location of the caller.

They also have multiple ways in which a customer can pay for the subscriptions. There is, paying the bills online whether it is once or multiple times, they can send cheques through snail mail, they have over 25,000 locations all across the country to pay in person or by signing in to its website and paying using the auto pay feature for every month.

Television services

The TV services provided by Frontier Communications are numerous. Just like Mediacom, multiple packages are available. They have 5 television services to choose from.

1. Freedom TV

This choice just provides the basic needs of television watching. It allows users to just watch all local channels and is able to have programming that is on demand and on DVR that has storage of up to 500 hours.

2. Vantage TV

This is a new service that Frontier Communications has introduced. It features HD quality picture that is 100%, allows changing of channels instantaneously, programming guide that is interactive on your screen and has a navigation that is super fast and able to view 6 channels at once on demand. It offers channel, installation and user guides for local channels in selected locations.

3. Dish TV

With having over 290 channels it becomes a better alternative from cable TV that is more affordable. The service comes with bundles from the cheapest being $69.99 per month and offering only 190 channels to the highest bundle of $142 per month and offers all the channels that it provides. And all local channels are included in the package. It also gives free for life HD and a professional standard installation.

4. Frontier TV

It allows users to stream live subscribed on demand TV content using internet accessible devices from computers to smart phones. It provides two options where uses can get access to the content, signing in to TV everywhere applications like, WatchESPN, CNNgo and others using the Frontier ID or to download the FrontierTV mobile app that features over 100 channels in live stream, TV listings and more features of the app.

5. FiOS TV

This offers a variety of programming channels from pay per view to On demand content, sport channels, watching music videos, HDTV content and also programs that are aired in other languages. Its interactive Media guide feature allows searching for content by day and time, title, category or actor. And allows to even search for content scheduled in 14 days or presently.

Internet Services

Frontier Communications is also an ISP that provides internet services to its users. Depending on the affordability of the users, it has a range of bundles that best fit its customers. The services that it offers are


Once a customer chooses Frontier communications as its ISP, frontiers will do the installation of all equipment around the house and sync up the TV and all devices around the house. This helps so that customers can have a smooth running around the house. They have options of choosing either Wi-Fi connections or D.S.L cable connections. They also set up the router and configure it. Passwords will be created with the help of the technical team who also provide security questions in case they have forgotten the password.

Email Account

Frontier provides email services using the Yahoo platform to connect to third party emailing applications like Mac mail, Mozilla, Thunderbird, incrediBird, Outlook, and more. They secure these emails using the Yahoo AOuth security feature so that usernames and passwords will not be hacked. They prefer web based emails as they are much safer to secure than separate email programs.


They provide the security needed to safely browse the web. With this feature customers are protected from viruses, spam messages, spyware and adware. They set up the firewall and ensure that customers have the adequate up to date software needed to protect them from threats. Due to this they provide an affordable security feature called the Frontier Secure Multi Device Security that has a fire wall of its own so that the devices have double layer protection.

Fiber Optic Services

They also provide optic services instead of the usual cable networking. And the optic cables go directly into the customers’ house without sharing with other people thus ensuring the networks speeds are optimal. This allows for better streaming for other devices around the house.


white frontier communications van

Frontier communications customer service center is always available 24/7/365. This allows customers to report about issues they are facing with their internet connection so as to get it resolved as soon as possible. They also have social media accounts that help customers report any issues including outages and home accidents in relation to their devices. Also they will send out posts to alert its customers of pending issues and maintenance schedules.


Frontier also helps in building and maintaining websites. They have a hosting service that allows people to host their websites and will also create websites for its customers. They help in planning designing and even add a visitor or page to the created website. They use the WYSIWYG page generating program for its customers.

Telecommunication Services

yellow telecommunication wires

Other than providing internet and TV services, they also provide phone calling services. They have multiple plans for its uses and allow local and international calls. These services are provided all across the country. Their services include

Vantage Voice

This is a digital home calling service that allows the user to control communication and has great quality and reliability and its features are more than 20. The Battery Back-up unit is a fully charged voice service. It allows users to make calls when there is a power outage and can last up to 8 hours straight. If the battery in not present or is faulty the dialing service will not work.

FiOS Digital Voice

This service works using a fiber optic network and uses phone jacks to connect to existing home phones. This uses the Voice over IP (VoIp) network to make and receive calls. Just like the Vantage voice the FiOS also has a Battery Back-up unit that comes with it.

Caller ID

All of their phones have a caller ID features that also has as display unit and comes with voicemail in case of missed calls.

Computer Technical Services

Laptop sitting on table

Lastly Frontier-Communications provide computer technical services to its customers.

The History of Frontier Communications

frontier communications headquarters

The telecommunications company, Frontier Communications Corporation, based in the US has undergone several name changes. Formerly Citizens-Utilities Company up until May of 2000, and Citizens-Communications Company until 31st July, 2008, it is now known as Frontier Communications. The corporation serves several significant metropolitan markets whereas its customers used to be found mainly in smaller communities and rural areas.

Citizen Utilities Company had its roots in Minneapolis and was created from the remains of the Public-Utilities Consolidated-Corporation. The years after the war (1950-1970) brought about national expansion.

The Acquisition Of 500 000 Rural Access-Lines From G.T.E

In 1993, with Richard Rosenthal at the helm at the age of thirty, as from 1946—the company started to flourish with the acquisition of 500,000 telecoms lines from G.T.E in rural areas. Several mergers took place at the time with Coghest-Frontier of D.G.F City East/West and Contel of-the-West in Utah becoming part of the Idaho-based Citizens-Telecommunications Company. Mergers between GTE Northwest, and GTE South with Citizens Idaho and Tennessee, respectively, occurred, while West Virginia lines were incorporated into Citizens Telecoms West Virginia.

A 270,000 line acquisition from Contel New York augmented the Citizens-Telecommunications Company of New-York enabling the distribution of 38,000 lines. Further acquisition of Contellines found in Arizona merged with Citizens White Mountains, and Montana, becoming part of Citizens Montana.

A further 5,000 lines were accessed in California, in January 1995, becoming part of the company there and with a $292 million deal involving 117,000 telecoms lines and franchises dealing with cable over eight States—announced in 1994.The acquisition of two Alltel operating companies followed in June 1995—in Oregon, tying into Citizens Oregon—and the West Virginia Mountain-State Telephone, renamed Citizens Mountain-State Telephone but later fusing with the original GTE business and adopting the Citizens-Telecommunications name. Alltel’s Tennessee lines became yet another offshoot—merging with Citizens Company of the-Volunteer State. In October, Navajo Communications serving the Navajo communities of California, Arizona, and New Mexico was purchased.

Further expansion took place in early 1996 involving Alltel telecoms lines based in Pennsylvania (3,600) and California (20,000). Another 23,000 lines were added to the stable through an acquisition from Alltel Nevada—also involving the renaming of the company to Citizens Nevada.

A planned $664 million acquisition of 187 thousand local lines in Minnesota, Nebraska, Illinois and North-Dakota from GTE did not take place following the GTE-Bell Atlantic merger resulting in Verizon.

GTE lines in Midwest and North-Dakota were then split, the Nebraska lines merging with Citizens Nebraska while the lines in North Dakota were split yet again—some merged with Citizens of-Montana while the lines which were originally part of Minnesota-Contel re-emerged as the Citizens-Telecommunications Company of-Minnesota, and those in Illinois section of Citizens Illinois.

In 1999, Citizen had US West, a Baby Bell in its sights announcing a proposed acquisition of 530 thousand rural lines but the sale was terminated in 2001 by Qwest which had acquired U.S West in 2000. The sale excluded US West Dex directories in these areas and Citizens refusal to follow through with the sale brought this development to an end.

In the late 1990s as well as the early 2000, Citizen renewed its focus on telecommunications by parting with those divisions not involved in telecommunications, selling them off to other companies:

• Atmos Energy took over Louisiana natural gas (2000)
• American Water Works purchased the Water & wastewater operations (2002)
• Kinder Morgan bought Colorado gas-utilities (2001)
• Kaua’I Island Utility-Cooperative took over Hawaii electric utilities (2002)
• K1 Ventures went to Hawaii gas-utility (2002)
• UNS Energy acquired Arizona electric & gas utilities (2003)
• Vermont Electric Cooperative acquired Vermont electric distribution —the transmission part going to Vermont Electric-Power Company (2004)

A New Logo

At the May 2008 annual meeting, the name change from Citizens Communications to Frontier Communications Corporation was approved, by the stockholders. The name-change became effective from the end of July of the same year. In line with this, the stock symbol on the New York Stock Exchange changed from ”CZN” to “FTR”. This development was preceded by the acquisition of the Frontier-name and exchange of properties from Global Crossing (Bermuda) which acquired these in 1999 with the purchase of Frontier Corporation formerly Rochester Telephone-Corporation.

In June 2001, a significant acquisition ($3.65 billion) took place when Citizens acquired several companies from Global-Crossing North-America including all the Global-Crossing North-America ILECoperations outside New York and others.
The subsequent move from the NYSE to NASDAQ took place on December 16, 2011 and the stock started trading under the “FTR” symbol at the start of trading.

Verizon Joins Citizens Communications

In an $8.6 billion deal with Verizon- Communications, Citizens acquired Verizon’s 4.8 million residential as well as small business customer lines meaning that all the land lines in 13 States became part of a new holding company, New-Communications ILEC-Holdings. Several Verizon exchanges—mainly former rural GTE exchanges with the exception of West Virginia—were also included. With this development, only 5 exchanges in the whole State were excluded.

Following the change to Frontier from Verizon in 2010, in early 2015, a final contract with Verizon enabled Frontier’s take-over of the Verizon landline, broadband and FiOS business activities. A range of customers in Texas, California, and Florida are covered. The acquired network results from substantial capital investment into fibre optic cabling (54%).

AT&T Lines Acquired By Frontier

AT &T’s landline, U-verse video, DSL, and satellite businesses in Connecticut—including Southern New-England Telephone & SNET America subsidiaries and other customer relationships were acquired by Frontier in late October 2014.
The company retained the “FIOS” name for the significant fibre optic systems and licences it acquired as a result of its cooperation with Verizon—in most markets the software and technology is the same.

Digital Subscriber Line (D.S.L) Broadband In Rural Areas

Traditional copper wiring is used for Frontier’s D.S.L Internet service to customers in the rural areas. This service is not highly regarded by several users resulting in a class-action lawsuit in 2014 on the subject of download speeds in West Virginia. Further controversy over the lack of uninterrupted download speeds has led to the State Attorney of West Virginia stepping in with a protection settlement for consumers involving $160 million.