Aerux BroadbandAerux Broadband is a Colorado based internet service provider that provides internet speeds up to 1000 mbps using fiber optics for businesses through out the Denver and Colorado Springs areas. Wireless residential services are also available and provide service in hard to reach areas using point-to-point microwave technology. This technology is important for people living outside traditional service areas as the connection travels through the air. No cables of any type are used to receive and transmit over the Aerux Broadband network.

Aerux Broadband fiber networks are available in locations within their fiber optic neighborhood. As you know, fiber optic networks offer transfer speeds that are extremely fast and reliable. Fiber optic speeds can reach up to a gig per second or faster. Fiber optic is becoming the standard with a lot of large companies like Mediacom and will most likely replace old copper wires as time moves forward.

When using Aerux Broadband ISP you will need to supply your own AC modem. These can easily be found at almost any computer store, Ebay, etc. Wireless router manufacturers like Linksys and Netgear offer these for purchase. There is a monthly antenna rental for wireless services which is roughly $8 per month. They offer free installation and best of all their contracts are on a month to month basis. Oh, and no data charges!

Contact Aerux Broadband ISP

You can contact Aerux Broadband if you are looking to subscribe to their internet or VOIP services or for any other reason you may have. There are a few different ways to contact Aerux Broadband ISP. They have a P.O. Box where standard mail is accepted.

PO BOX 2713, Parker, CO 80134

You can also dial them using their toll free phone number.


And of course, they have an email address you can use for contact as well.

For further information, the official website is